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210507 Black Cap Storm
210511 Crazy Orange Clouds
210513 Mt. Kearsarge over Mt. Washington Valley Orange-Yellow Sunrise Summer Panoramna
210514 Mt. Washington Panorama w Spring Greens
210600 Sunbeam over the Presidentials
211101 Northern Lights over Bartlett Village
210801 Mt. Washington over Wildcat River Valley in Summer
210802 Mt. Kearsarge over the Mt. Washington Valley in Summer with Pink Sunrise
211001 Bemis Falls - The Colosseum
211006 Androscoggin Fall Reflection
211103 Mt. Willard View in Winter
210706 Wentworth Bridge in Summer (vert)
210611 Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine
210614 Fog Lifts from Coastline, Acadia National Park, Maine
211010 Fall Foliage over the Rangely lakes, Maine

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