At White Mountain Photo Gallery, in scenic Jackson Village, you will find over 300 framed pieces on display, including scenic, landscape, abstract, and travel images from the White Mountains, Coastal New England, and the world afar. His travel images include locations such as Nepal, New Zealand, Switzerland, Scotland, Iceland, Cuba, and BC, Canada, including two of his Travel images selected as ‘Editors’ Picks’ in the 2013 National Geographic Travel contest.

Owner/Artist Dana Clemons, was born and raised in Bartlett, where his family has resided for generations. His love of nature developed at an early age, encouraged by his father who worked and hiked for the WMNF for over 25 years. His interest in photography developed out of his joy for the mountains, and the desire to share that beauty with others. His favorite place to be, is high on top of a mountain peak in the early hours of the morning, where the quiet is only broken by the song of a lone wood thrush, and the soft blow of the wind. He enjoys the rich varied colors of New England, and loves to combine them with water or snow to create some drama. He’s also been very fortunate to have documented many wonderful wildlife encounters.

Much of his portfolio was taken using film, but he has now transitioned to digital. That doesn’t mean his images are any less ‘true’ than they were before. His goal of each image, is to allow viewers to immerse themselves in the scene, to virtually ‘be there’. Consequently, he stays very true to each scene, with no color filters, added or amped up colors, moved objects, or added moons. Instead, the majority of his images take a couple years to create (some 5-10 years), because he has gone back to that same location, two, three…four times, over one two….three years, until it looks as beautiful as the image you see. Often hiking with a headlamp to be there at sunrise or coming down after sunset. Many images require everything to be just right, fresh snow, unfrozen water, clearing storm without blowing the snow off the trees, and a colorful sunrise/sunset, facing due East/West. He has images in mind that he has not attained after many years, and possibly may never, due to the conditions required, and the moment to be there when they do.

He uses only a neutral density, polarizing, or rarely a soft filter, and always a tripod. The dreamy soft water scenes are the result of using a very long shutter speed, and a tripod. He maintains complete control over the entire production process, from composing the initial image, to the finish framed piece. He produces a fine art print, using only quality archival ink and paper, acid free mats, tastefully framed, always under UV glass. Prints that will last a lifetime.

He has won numerous awards, is a League of NH Craftsmen member, and his art is available at over two dozen galleries/shops throughout New Hampshire. His primary gallery, White Mountain Photo-Gallery, located at 95 Main St., in Jackson Village, NH, is open Thursday thru Monday. On closed days (Tues/Wed), you can view much of his work in the lobby of the Snowflake Inn. Visitors are always welcome to come and browse. 603-374-6050 /

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