We provide a full range of scanning services for 35mm and medium format. We scan both transparencies and negatives in both formats. For scans of mounted slides, or un-mounted film strips, for web or graphic presentation we provide archival scans up to 100 MB for 35mm, and up to 300 MB for medium format film. This is sufficient to make a high quality 12 x 18 print at 300 DPI from a 35mm film size, or to make a high quality 21x29 print at 300DPI from a medium format 645 film. Additional services include Dust & Scratch elimination.

All scans are delivered as 48 bit RGB TIF files tagged as "Adobe RGB 1998" color space. Our normal scan is focused on producing a file for photographers working in the digital workflow, using Photoshop, or another similar type of software to do the final color balance, dodge and burn, contrast control or whatever creative control the photographer desires. Our goal therefore, is to produce a file that contains as much of the film information as possible. This means digging out the shadow detail and preserving the highlights while still maintaining the integrity of the overall image. We want to give the artist as much data as possible to work with. The intention of these scans are the "scan once, use many times" approach. Once you have an archive scan you will probably never need to touch your film again. The outcome of this is that sometimes the data file may appear a bit flat compared to the original transparency. This is more apparent on underexposed chromes or scenes that have a bit more range than the film can handle. With all of your scans please feel free to provide any special instructions you may have so that we can give you results you need.

35mm mounted slides have a reduced image area of typically 1.35" x 0.95". If the full frame (1.5" x 1.0") of a particular image is important then drum scanning of slide is necessary. We crop scans to just inside the mount opening. This ensures that you get film image data, not scans of the plastic or cardboard mounts. (Please note that some shops advertise larger scan sizes, but include some of the mount.). If you want mount included please note this with your order. DUST AND SCRATCH SERVICES For slides or film that have small scratches and dust, we suggest including the D&S option. This is an automated dust and scratch process that eliminates most dust and small scratches from the scanned image.



35 mm Medium Format
50-100MB $30
200-300MB $50

*add an additional $10 per scan for dust and scratch removal.

We will deliver on a CD for free.



Dana has completed three twelve-week Photoshop courses, including Photoshop I and II. He has the knowledge and ability to get the very best out of any image. Depending on your request, each image requires a different technique and amount of time to accomplish. Please call or email him directly to discuss your needs and to obtain a quote.

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