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160501 Flume Gorge (vert)

The Flume, located within the Franconia Notch State Park of New Hampshire, is a natural gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. The walls of granite rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart.

Those of you that know me, are aware that I have never been a fan of photographing cliche’s. I am always looking for a different angle, or vantage point to create something truly unique, that stands out as my own, rather than copying what everyone photographs. It even took me almost 20 years to photograph the Old Man of the Mountain, and thankfully shortly before he was gone.

But sometimes a cliche’ is that for a reason, something that is so often photographed, because it is simply so beautiful. And sometimes there is really only one way to shoot it, to show it’s true grandeur. Flume Gorge is one of those places, and I finally took this picture last week. A great place to visit over this Memorial Weekend!

I hope you like my version:)