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#160501 Big Bull Moose

I came across this big big boy, traveling through Crawford Notch, in the White Mountains of NH this week. I watched him for almost 15 minutes, meandering through the woods, eating low vegetation as he went. Being the largest animal in the kingdom, and not being in the fall rut, he was fully aware of me, but uncaring in his manner and attitude toward me.

As I often do, I talked softly aloud to him as he walked, with him rarely looking up in my direction. I tried to anticipate his movements, and while being sure to give him plenty of space, I jockeyed for position, trying to get an image where there wasn’t a tree or bush blocking the view of this big guy. At last I was rewarded, as he briefly entered this open spot, and looked up at me in response to my gentle whistle:). I was only able to get two images, before he delved deeper into the woods. What a wonderful gift watching this magnificent animal:)