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Mt. Mulloch, Selkirks BC
It had snowed for 30 days and 30 nights straight, with over 30 feet of snow. With consistent snow, and no freeze/melt layers, it was the deepest and most stable snow they had ever had since opening the lodge, enabling us to ski some steep pitches for the very first time, with Selkirk Mountain Expedition and their guides. We were helicoptered in to spend a week in a lodge deep in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Each day we awoke to a wonderful breakfast, to load up on energy for the upcoming days adventures. And skinning up two mountain peaks each day, and skiing down, you used up every calorie you took in that morning. This picture was day two, and the very first sun our guide had seen in over a month. We are ascending our first peak Mt. Mulloch this morning, the largest peak visible in the distance, as the sun broke through and lit up the surrounding landscape. I quickly pulled over for this dramatic picture, of our group and the other group in the lead toward the summit. We skied the face on the right, descending to our lodge, before tackling another peak. Absolutely breathtaking:)!