White Mountain Photography and Photo Gallery is located at the Snowflake Inn, in Jackson Village, offering matted and framed scenic prints. Other services include commercial photography, and digital darkroom services.

Owner Dana Clemons, was born and raised in Bartlett, where his family has resided for generations. His love of nature developed at an early age and photography has been his passion for many years. He spends much of his time photographing while hiking and skiing in his backyard, on Mt. Washington in the Presidential Range, and throughout the White Mountains.

His favorite place to be, is high on top of a peak in the early hours of the morning, where the quiet is only broken by the song of a lone Wood Thrush, and the soft blow of the wind. He enjoys the rich varied colors of New England, and loves to combine them with water or snow to create some drama. He’s also been very fortunate to have had many wonderful encounters with wildlife. He’s always sensitive to animals and their space, sometimes waiting hours for them to come close enough to get the picture he’s striving for.

He primarily shoots fine grain transparency film, using medium format equipment, allowing for fine detailed images, even when enlarged 2x3 feet or bigger. He also occaisonally shoots with a 4x5 Shen Hao bellows camera. He uses only a neutral density, polarizing, or soft filters, and almost always a tripod. He uses digital camera equipment only for commercial or wildlife shots.

With complete control over the entire process, he produces a fine art print using only quality archival pigment ink and paper, acid free mats, tastefully framed, always under UV glass. Prints that will last a lifetime. The only alterations done are sepia toning or soft focus. The soft water scenes are a result of a tripod and very long shutter speed. No moons were added when there were none. The final photograph best represents the scene and feeling at that moment. His work is strongly influenced by the works and techniques of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell.

The complete collection of prints can be seen at the White Mountain Photo-Gallery, located at the Snowflake Inn, 95 Main St., in Jackson Village. The gallery is open Thursday thru Saturday, and Monday On closed days, you can view his work in the lobby. Visitors are always welcome to come and browse. You might want to call him first at 603-374-6050, as he might be out pursuing his passion. If you would like to correspond, his mailing address is White Mountain Photography, P.O. Box 285, Bartlett, NH, 03812

White Mountain Photography and Photo-Gallery

at The Snowflake Inn, Jackson Village, New Hampshire



White Mountain Photography: P.O. Box 285, George St., Bartlett, NH 03812 telephone 603-374-6050 or email: admin@whitemountainphoto.com

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