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160403 Snowy Winter Path

The Last Storm:

As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with some spinal upper-thoracic issues, that have limited my activities lately. I’ve been walking a bunch, and upgrading to some small hikes lately….but unable to drive for long periods, hike very far, or carry much weight.

So when I saw the snowstorm coming this past week, NOAA was forecasting only an inch or so, turning to rain by morning, so I thought little of it. I awoke to a dusting on the ground, with NOAA still claiming it would be changing over any minute to rain. So I relaxed and enjoyed the paper, with a strong french-press coffee, cut hard with cream. As I finished my paper, I was surprised to see it still snowing, now starting to accumulate….but alas the updated weather still called for changeover any moment. So I moved on to my household chores….and it still kept snowing. Ok, as I’m getting through my chores, now I see it’s sticking to the trees and looking nice.

With no time to drive somewhere (NOAA still claiming rain any minute), and not expecting much, I jumped out the door and wandered the trails, woods, and river behind my house, to see what I could find. It snowed throughout, and I found some compositions I was quite pleased with, in the sticky new snow. The only problem was, it was warming. Numerous times, with my camera mounted on the tripod, I could hear and see the snow letting loose from above me, with only seconds to hunch over my camera using my full head and shoulders, to protect it from the onslaught of snow falling from the upper trees. Each time, the large avalanche of snow going down the back of my neck, while completely covering me and my gear. Luckily, I was able to wipe down my gear and shake off the snow each time, with no ill effect (other than the icy snow down my back;) It’s amazing what you can find with the right conditions, right out your back yard…go get some!