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Old Orchard Beach Pier/ I.D. #151106

What a great few days:)! After spending the night in Boston, having some wonderful take-out Chinese food and watching the Patriot’s game with a good friend, the next day I headed to my favorite NE city, Portland, Maine.

After checking into my hotel, I ventured to a place I had attempted a shot a few years ago, but got skunked, the pier at Old Orchard Beach. The compositions hadn’t really changed much, but it was good to reacquaint myself, as I would be arriving, parking, and setting up in the dark, the next morning. After feeling comfortable with my morning plan, I headed back to the Portland waterfront, to see if I could pull something off at sunset.

I wandered around the Old Port, stopping at places I had been many times before, and a few new ones (as the city and waterfront is ever changing). As the sunset color was approaching fast, I settled in, and was just about to start shooting when this giant lobster boat came into the channel, very slowly, blocking my original composition…..well, when given lemonades, make lobster salad I thought;)….and attempted to use the boat in the image (there were already plenty of lobster boats where I planned on them being). I very quickly realized I would get skunked this time, as the boat had a giant image distraction of about 1/4 of the entire ship in blaze hunter orange, and it parked smack dab in the middle of the image. With no time to get to another location, I might as well move on to dinner in town, and quell my mild disappointment.

I walked a few blocks up to 555 restaurant, stepped into the warm earth toned bar, with wonderful aromas drifting from the open kitchen in the next rom. I sat and chatted with the bartender, enjoying a wonderful scallop dish, followed by an amazing chocolate and cardamom mousse cake, with olive oil ice cream,. I accompanied it with two 1/2 glasses of wine (one of the rare places that do 1/2 glasses), a New Zealand sauvignon blanc with the scallops, and a deep rich Cab with dessert, yum:)! Fully fat and happy, I wandered back to my car, and headed back to the hotel for an early sleep.

Sleep is always short as a photographer, as I awoke at 5am to get out the door, and head to OOB to set up for first light. Juggling my coffee, camera gear and tripod, I set the coffee on top of the car, threw my stuff in and drove away……’Thunk’!….as the coffee I had left on the roof tumbles over and pours down the back window of my Outback! Well, I ‘ll have to accomplish this one caffeine free.

I arrived perfectly on time, and walked out to the beach as the tide was out, but approaching, stepping in and around the tidal pools. I first shot the pier with the sunrise, for a full wide composition. It wasn’t as windy as the night before in Boston, but felt colder, as again my fingers were soon frozen, from the cold temps of the sea air

I quickly changed positions and headed under the pier to shoot straight on below, before the good light was gone. Stepping in the rising surf, I kept having to move back to avoid getting soaked. The light was beautiful, but was momentary. as there were no clouds to help it linger. Satisfied again, I soaked in the view and the beach for a while longer as the sun rose above the horizon and warmed my fingers and face:).