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Boston Skyline panorama

I.D. #151101

Boston Skyline at Dusk- White Mountain otters in the morning, and the Boston city skyline in the evening...quite a contrast:)!

Like many of my photographs, I’ve had this shot in mind for a couple years, but I’ve been waiting for the timing and a chance to scout a location. I headed to Boston this week, and after endless driving around, dead ends, loops back to where I started, and numerous ‘recalculating’ directives from my attractive gps voice, I found this sweet view, on a chilly, blustery November afternoon.

I walked around the location with my camera gear, analyzing different angles potential obstacles to avoid in the image, and ultimately deciding on a couple strong compositions. It was only late afternoon, so I walked back to my car, read the paper, and ate my afternoon ‘picnic’ snack….and yes a quick power nap;)!

Finally the sun went behind the buildings, and dusk was on it’s way. I set out from my toasty warm car into the cold, dressed in a hat and light gloves, to the edge of the pier, and set up my tripod and camera. The temperature had drastically dropped, and the wind had picked up, to the point it was blowing the nearby flag straight out to attention. Being perched out over the water, feeling the strong cold, icely wet wind, I realized I should have been dressed for winter vs. fall today. I thought of walking back to my car to add another layer, but thought I might miss the best of light.

So I stood there waiting, watching, being cut by the cold wind, with no place to hide, no structure to stand or duck behind. Sunset’s always seem to happen too fast when you are trying to photograph them…..but never quickly enough when you’re waiting and freezing;)! As the light diminished and the colors came on, I moved from spot to spot, focusing, snapping, resetting, all the while re-loading my tripod with extra weight each time, to keep it from blowing over…my fingers turning to ice cubes.

I was actually thankful the good light was eventually disappearing, so I could get back to my warm car. I never got the amazing colors we seem to have been getting on weekends lately, but was satisfied I had come away with something very nice. I quickly packed up my gear, slung my tripod over my shoulder and scrambled back to my car, immediately putting the heat on furnace high:)! I will probably return to this spot again, hoping for some amazing clouds and sunset colors, but for now, I’m very happy.